Ali Jabbour

Mrs Motivation

Alicia (Ali) Jabbour McCrudden

I’m married, raising 2 kids, walking two dogs  and juggling it all. I’m just like you –trying to be the best that I can be every day to get the kids off to school, get dinner on the table and find an hour somewhere to do laundry, pay bills or maybe even have a drink with my husband. I never thought I would get divorced, after all no one gets married with the intention of getting divorced. My first marriage ended after 17 years with two amazing children. Never in my life did I feel so fragile. I was financially ruined and numb from the experience. Thankfully, I rebounded with the help of family and friends and got my head back in the game. I got myself a therapist, put on some makeup and got a job!  I met my husband through work. I then attended a corporate event with Kevin at Oheka Castle under the stars…a true fairytale setting which resulted in our marriage in 2006. We have created a bond so deep that all I can say is that “it is all good”!  Kevin and I have built an amazing life together, albeit we do not always agree but we always agree to disagree.  I like to say I round out his very square edges…through thick and thin we have managed to motivate each other to be the best that we can be everyday. Waking up with “Mr. Motivation” is as you can imagine an exciting new experience everyday…there is an energy to accomplish, to pursue and to dream. The bar is high and worth the effort everyday, not always accomplished but always tackled.  Our years together have been filled so many of life’s challenges…nothing is easy however nothing is worth not overcoming. I am the youngest of six girls born and raised on Long Island’s North Shore. My heart broke in 2008 I lost my Dad followed by the death of my sister in 2009 then my mother in 2010. I owe my life to my late parents who taught me that character above all is most important in life. And to my late sister, who fought the cancer beast for fourteen years and imparted me to stay the course, fight the fight and always have a sense of humor! Ali is currently CEO and Chief Marketing Officer of Aurora Branded Entertainment located in Huntington Station, Long Island as well as Creator/Host/Producer of “Girls Night Out” TV Show.