The Hosts


Mr. and Mrs. Motivation have been married for eight years…both with divorces behind them.   They blended together two families, two very different yet very similar pasts and a lifetime of experiences; Divorce, Death, Employment Ups & Downs, (Career Challenges) Health Crisis’, Personal Tragedies and much more.

They will incorporate everyday life…marriage, divorce, finances, ex-loves, relationships, career, family, kids into an entertaining and engaging conversation!  Nothing is off limits.  Inviting America to join their conversation and share their stories, secrets, struggles and in turn Mr. & Mrs. Motivation will help motivate and inspire their audience to overcome and persevere.

With the help and advice from guest experts, authors, entertainers, celebrities and leaders, our duo will conquer any topic. The will help relieve listeners’ anxiety and get them back on a personal, motivated and inspired journey toward success and happiness.

Join the conversation Thursday Evenings 9pm-10pm WRCN/LINR 103.9 FM|

            Kevin McCrudden


I’m the only motivational and leadership speaker in America to ever have a day of recognition passed by The United States Congress.  After the tragic events of 9-11, I worked to have Congress acknowledge January 2nd as National Motivation & Inspiration Day!   I also founded Motivate America, Inc. and created The American Motivation Awards, which lead me to coin the moniker of “Mr. Motivation”and later “America’s CMO ~ Chief Motivation Officer.” ...Read More


               Ali Jabbour

I’m married, raising 2 kids, walking two dogs  and juggling it all. I’m just like you –trying to be the best that I can be every day to get the kids off to school, get dinner on the table and find an hour somewhere to do laundry, pay bills or maybe even have a drink with my husband. I never thought I would get divorced, after all no one gets married with the intention of getting divorced.  Thankfully… Read More